Sharon Tay Plastic Surgery

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When you are in the limelight, there is pressure on you to always look and dress nice. Actresses, musicians and various other celebrities involved in showbiz put a lot of effort in their looks. For women especially, there is an even greater need to keep oneself looking amazing.

This is why for this group, plastic and cosmetic surgery becomes important. They may always deny having gone through these processes. However, by comparing their looks in the previous and current photos, one can indeed surmise that an individual had a procedure or two corrected in her appearance.

Sharon TaySharon Tay is a journalist who works in the US but migrated from Singapore. She has also been a host of two shows in the MSNBC network and for this reason, is pretty much a known figure. Born in the 60′s it is pretty obvious that with time, she must have felt as though her natural appeal was fading.

It is rumoured that she may have undergone plastic surgery procedures. Of course telling whether or not a celebrity had such medical processes done on them can be a little difficult because they do not readily admit. However, through photo comparisons and a keen eye, one can ascertain that Tay has some features rarely naturally possible.

Many sources say that the journalist may not have gone for the invasive surgery processes which alter in a big way the appearance of a person.

It is quite obvious that she may have had Botox injections. Her face is smooth and has a youthful appeal which is not easily possible for one in her late or mid 40′s. Also, the lips of the celebrity have a marked lusciousness about them. It is rumoured that Sharon must had had fillers injected into this part of her body. She has a smile to die for because of this.

Unlike other celebrities who go for these injections and surgeries in their 20′s, Tay must have been nudged on by concerns about her age. Naya Rivera plastic surgery as evidenced by the appearance of her boobs is a case of a young actress seeking to spice up her looks.

In such situations, many people wonder what the motivation for going for these procedures must have been because the celebrities still have good looks.

Sharon Tay as well as Melissa Gilbert plastic surgery occasions is a representation of famous women who are aging but wish still to look pretty for the cameras. Tay’s case though, is slightly out of the ordinary; the typical female celebrity who goes for plastic surgery is an actress, model or musician and not a journalist. Nonetheless, journalists and news anchors also receive immense attention and it is only normal that some of them look for a cosmetic surgeon to keep up their good looks.

Of course cosmetic surgery procedures are open to almost all ages provided the candidate is in good health. Women like Sophia Loren who are almost clocking 80 years and still looks fabulous. For women in their 40′s like Tay and Melissa, they still have a lot of time to stay in the limelight and plastic surgery is a welcome option.

It even gets better when a celebrity picks a good doctor who does not leave the new change very obvious to scrutiny. The good plastic surgery is that which people speculate about as it brings about change to the appearance of a person without giving much evidence. Of course some celebrities have had bad plastic surgeries but it is unlikely that Tay falls in this category.


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