Naomi Judd Plastic Surgery – Was It a Success?

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Someone once said that, ‘age is nothing but a number’. Well, indeed this is evidently translated in a number of ways. And as much as it is just but a number, aging cannot be reversed, or paused. Of course given a chance, many of us would rather we retain our teenage youthfulness as that is the time we seem to look our best.

Naomi Judd

But where on earth has that ever happened? Whether we like it or not, at the right time, old age has to set in. And if there is one thing people the world over share without a grudge, it is the aging process. With each passing second or minute, we all get older, never younger. In short, any time one takes a breath, you are a second older.

However, many celebrities, especially of the female gender, do not wish to look older than a 20 year old. Even after clocking over 60 years, they still wish to look like teenagers.

Perhaps this is evident in Naomi Judd plastic surgery. At 67, she is adored by many fans as a winner in the movie industry. There are numerous awards that she has won. Apart from that, her children; Wynona and Ashley are celebrities as well. Wynona is a singer while Ashley is an actress.

Among her fans, she cuts herself as a fashion lady who dresses in very intriguing clads that turn heads whenever she passes. Her voice too is very electric. Her twang when she gives her judgment; is unmistakable. In fact, when one talks about fame, this lady comes into the picture. But just like famous women her age, she has not been spared the plastic surgeon’s knife. And anyway, why wouldn’t she want to look younger like all the other celebrities who fall in that category?

Contrary to others who deny an obvious fact, she admits she went through surgery when she was 61. When she turned 63, the very keen eyes of the public noticed yet more changes on her neck and face. Of course when you are a public figure, you have to expect the keen eyes of your fans to spot some changes that you thought were well camouflaged.

Evidently, she undergoes these procedures to look younger. That is without doubt. With age come wrinkles that many ladies wish away. Since wishes cannot generate the change they wish for, they look for a surgeon to take the unlikely features away from them.

In 2009, a TV show where she featured prominently showed there was a change on her face. Contrary to what people knew earlier, her sagging face now looked tighter and fuller; evidence of surgery. Around her neck, there was some sign of weight gain. The nose too, looked different; signs of a rhinoplasty or surgery. The weight gain around her neck was rumored to be as a result of the judge having gained some weight.

Either she had a neck surgery too or used fillers. Using Botox cannot be ruled out too. Well, just like all women who wish to stay younger even when age does not allow, Naomi Judd has to use whatever is available to be youthful and that is plastic surgery.

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