Jang Geun Suk Apologizes to His Fans

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Of the celebrities who sprang to stardom out of a few privileges is Jang Geun Suk. Although he had to struggle to keep his dream alive, to some extent, his pretty features acted in deciding his fate in the world of stardom. Just as his parents were selling their house, an agent saw his potential and asked his parents to allow him to be a child model. His good looks spotted when he was only five years acted as the deciding point in his career.

Jang Geun Suk

Jang fell in love with music after watching Hirai Ken, a Japanese singer perform. This led to his desire to learn the Japanese language. He shifted to New Zealand where he learnt English and Japanese. The school, known as Nelson College, was his starting point in a career that has seen him earn a great name in the film and music industry. Currently, the actor and singer is able to communicate fluently in both English and Japanese.

In 1997, Jang came to the limelight during his debut appearance in the episode, Selling Happiness. This was in the studio HBS which is currently Channel CGV. After his first success, he appeared in other TV episodes as a child actor, his good looks acting as his major boost.

Jang wished to continue studying in New Zealand but could not because of a job that forced him back to his native South Korea. He took a role in Nonstop 4, a popular MBC Sitcom. He was not pleased by his performance in Nonstop 4 and decided he had to do something to improve his acting. He devoted his energies to learning skills that would see him become a great actor. In 1905, he made a comeback into the movie scene by acting in a drama series, Lovers in Prague. In this series, he played the part of a president’s son. His fans were happy with his performance and he got lots of praise.

Jang Geun Suk and Im Yoona

Jang’s major leap in the acting field was in 2006. He acted in a horror film with Im Yoona and name of the movie was – Missed Call: Final. In this episode, he acted as a deaf boy. His good knowledge of English and Japanese saw him socialize easily with other actors. At the same time, he learnt some sign language that helped him in his role.

He went back to the small screen in which he was the lover of another famous actress known as Ha Ji-Won. In this drama episode of Hwang Jini, Jang got the attention of female fans who loved his good features. He was yet again at it in the movie The Happy Life. He was able to show off his masculine features which got him the admiration of so many fans.

Born in South Korea on August of 1987, Jang still has a long prosperous career ahead of him. Apart from acting, he is also a musician who has released a number of albums including Let Me Cry. He also appears in a variety of advertisements for various products. He recently apologized to fans when he was involved in a tax scandal that saw him miss taking up his role.

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