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Plastic Surgery As Look Enhancement Tools

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While plastic surgery and other such look enhancing procedures and surgeries have so long been famous only for celebrity actors, singers, musicians, politicians and sports persons, today, it has permeated to other fields too. In this article, we will be sharing the success stories of people, who are not exactly from the above fields.

The main reason why their success stories are being shared is to enable you understand the growing influence of plastic surgery in enhancing the looks and appearances of even ordinary people. This article is an attempt to give a fair representation of facts and let people decide for themselves, as to what is good or bad for them.

Joyce Meyer is one such woman, who has a lot of positives to share, as far as her plastic surgeries are concerned.

Joyce Meyer after lip filler injections

In fact, Joyce is a judge from New York and therefore, it is surprising that someone from this profession is also very passionate about the way she looks. Her affinity to good looks could be attributed to her being a part of a renowned celebrity show. (more…)

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Jang Geun Suk Apologizes to His Fans

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Of the celebrities who sprang to stardom out of a few privileges is Jang Geun Suk. Although he had to struggle to keep his dream alive, to some extent, his pretty features acted in deciding his fate in the world of stardom. Just as his parents were selling their house, an agent saw his potential and asked his parents to allow him to be a child model. His good looks spotted when he was only five years acted as the deciding point in his career.

Jang Geun Suk

Jang fell in love with music after watching Hirai Ken, a Japanese singer perform. This led to his desire to learn the Japanese language. He shifted to New Zealand where he learnt English and Japanese. The school, known as Nelson College, was his starting point in a career that has seen him earn a great name in the film and music industry. Currently, the actor and singer is able to communicate fluently in both English and Japanese. (more…)

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Naomi Judd Plastic Surgery – Was It a Success?

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Someone once said that, ‘age is nothing but a number’. Well, indeed this is evidently translated in a number of ways. And as much as it is just but a number, aging cannot be reversed, or paused. Of course given a chance, many of us would rather we retain our teenage youthfulness as that is the time we seem to look our best.

Naomi Judd

But where on earth has that ever happened? Whether we like it or not, at the right time, old age has to set in. And if there is one thing people the world over share without a grudge, it is the aging process. With each passing second or minute, we all get older, never younger. In short, any time one takes a breath, you are a second older. (more…)

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Sharon Tay Plastic Surgery

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When you are in the limelight, there is pressure on you to always look and dress nice. Actresses, musicians and various other celebrities involved in showbiz put a lot of effort in their looks. For women especially, there is an even greater need to keep oneself looking amazing.

This is why for this group, plastic and cosmetic surgery becomes important. They may always deny having gone through these processes. However, by comparing their looks in the previous and current photos, one can indeed surmise that an individual had a procedure or two corrected in her appearance.

Sharon TaySharon Tay is a journalist who works in the US but migrated from Singapore. She has also been a host of two shows in the MSNBC network and for this reason, is pretty much a known figure. Born in the 60′s it is pretty obvious that with time, she must have felt as though her natural appeal was fading.

It is rumoured that she may have undergone plastic surgery procedures. Of course telling whether or not a celebrity had such medical processes done on them can be a little difficult because they do not readily admit. However, through photo comparisons and a keen eye, one can ascertain that Tay has some features rarely naturally possible.

Many sources say that the journalist may not have gone for the invasive surgery processes which alter in a big way the appearance of a person. (more…)