Plastic Surgery As Look Enhancement Tools

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While plastic surgery and other such look enhancing procedures and surgeries have so long been famous only for celebrity actors, singers, musicians, politicians and sports persons, today, it has permeated to other fields too. In this article, we will be sharing the success stories of people, who are not exactly from the above fields. The main reason why their success stories are being shared is to enable you understand the growing influence of plastic surgery in enhancing the looks and appearances of even ordinary people. There are a number of myths and opinions about plastic surgery, its effectiveness, cost, risk factors, side effects, rejections and so on. This article is an attempt to give a fair representation of facts and let people decide for themselves, as to what is good or bad for them.

Joyce Meyer is one such woman, who has a lot of positives to share, as far as her plastic surgeries are concerned.

Joyce Meyer after lip filler injections

In fact, Joyce is a judge from New York and therefore, it is surprising that someone from this profession is also very passionate about the way she looks. Her affinity to good looks could be attributed to her being a part of a renowned celebrity show. Though it not exactly clear as to the types of plastic surgeries that she might have undergone, it is sure that she has certainly gone in for a course of botox injections (source: It certainly has made a big difference to her facial skin and today it is free from wrinkles, lines and other such impediments that come with age.

Ellen DeGeneres has well and truly gone in for plastic surgeries and there are many ways to prove this. She certainly has given a new and bigger look, to her breasts. This is the result of a successful breast augmentation surgery. Her breast augmentation surgery is a classic case of her breast being in line with the overall shape of her body. While for some it may not work the way they would have expected it, as far as Ellen DeGeneres is concerned it has certainly worked very well. Read more: Ellen DeGeneres Plastic Surgery: Are the Reports of Plastic Operations True?

Ellen DeGeneres

Whether it is breast augmentation, cosmetic dentistry, botox treatments or lip augmentation, there is no doubt that these are very good and long standing techniques and methods by which a person can look much better than what he or she is. However, the costs of such surgeries are quite high. This is perhaps the reason why many ordinary persons do not wish to go in for the same. However, when there is a dire need to look good, there is no doubt that these plastic surgeries do come in very handy. However, it is important to choose the right doctor to get these surgeries done properly and correctly.

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Jang Geun Suk Apologizes to His Fans

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Of the celebrities who sprang to stardom out of a few privileges is Jang Geun Suk. Although he had to struggle to keep his dream alive, to some extent, his pretty features acted in deciding his fate in the world of stardom. Just as his parents were selling their house, an agent saw his potential and asked his parents to allow him to be a child model. His good looks spotted when he was only five years acted as the deciding point in his career.

Jang Geun Suk

Jang Geun Suk

Jang fell in love with music after watching Hirai Ken, a Japanese singer perform. This led to his desire to learn the Japanese language. He shifted to New Zealand where he learnt English and Japanese. The school, known as Nelson College, was his starting point in a career that has seen him earn a great name in the film and music industry. Currently, the actor and singer is able to communicate fluently in both English and Japanese.

In 1997, Jang came to the limelight during his debut appearance in the episode, Selling Happiness. This was in the studio HBS which is currently Channel CGV. After his first success, he appeared in other TV episodes as a child actor, his good looks acting as his major boost.

Jang wished to continue studying in New Zealand but could not because of a job that forced him back to his native South Korea. He took a role in Nonstop 4, a popular MBC Sitcom. He was not pleased by his performance in Nonstop 4 and decided he had to do something to improve his acting. He devoted his energies to learning skills that would see him become a great actor. In 1905, he made a comeback into the movie scene by acting in a drama series, Lovers in Prague. In this series, he played the part of a president’s son. His fans were happy with his performance and he got lots of praise.

Jang Geun Suk and Im Yoona

Jang Geun Suk and Im Yoona

Jang’s major leap in the acting field was in 2006. He acted in a horror film with Im Yoona and name of the movie was – Missed Call: Final. In this episode, he acted as a deaf boy. His good knowledge of English and Japanese saw him socialize easily with other actors. At the same time, he learnt some sign language that helped him in his role.

He went back to the small screen in which he was the lover of another famous actress known as Ha Ji-Won. In this drama episode of Hwang Jini, Jang got the attention of female fans who loved his good features. He was yet again at it in the movie The Happy Life. He was able to show off his masculine features which got him the admiration of so many fans.

Born in South Korea on August of 1987, Jang still has a long prosperous career ahead of him. Apart from acting, he is also a musician who has released a number of albums including Let Me Cry. He also appears in a variety of advertisements for various products. He recently apologized to fans when he was involved in a tax scandal that saw him miss taking up his role.

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Cardio Gym Equipment For Men and Women

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The five essential components of physical fitness are; muscular strength, muscle endurance, flexibility, body composition and above all, cardio-respiratory fitness. In short, it is referred to as cardio. When performing endurance or aerobic exercises, the body heavily relies on its ability to provide muscles with sufficient oxygen to sustain the exercise.

Cardio Gym Equipments


When performing cardio activities, the circulatory system, heart and lungs strive to deliver oxygen rich blood to the muscles. One can choose from a variety of cardio programs like swimming, biking, circuit training, stair climbing, interval training, aerobic programs or even taking dancing classes. Each individual has what interests them.

Research reveals that lean men with a regular cardio exercise regime are likely to live longer than their lean counterparts without any exercise.

This proves one thing; cardio exercises are ideal for a number of reasons. They are -

1. Increase lifespan.
2. Decrease risk of diabetes.
3. Protects you against cardiovascular diseases.

With all the stated points, it is obvious cardio exercises are an important component in every individual’s life. No wonder many homes as well as commercial gyms are investing on cardio gym equipment.

Here is a list of some cardio gym equipment worth purchasing –

1. Treadmills.
2. Elliptical machines.
3. Exercise bikes and stationary bikes.
4. Row machines.
5. Fitness trackers.
6. Rubber equipment mats and Treadmill mats.
7. Mini Trampolines.
8. Trampolines.
9. Jogging strollers.
10. Cardio accessories like elevation masks, gym bags, aquatic fitness swimwear and bike gear are also important.

A cardio workout is an essential component of fitness training. Whether one is intent on toning muscles, improving heart rate or getting rid of extra pounds, there is need to design a cardio plan that is inspirational. You may choose to register with a gym, but if there is the ability, creating a home gym within the comfort of the home would be ideal.

Among the cardio gym equipment, Gold’s Gym XR20 Olympic Bench is the latest trending item. It exhibits the following features:

– 6-leg developer to build and develop your quads, glutes, hamstrings and hip-flexers.
– Adjustable safety spotters which are effective. They support you during squat type workouts and bench stretch.
– Detachable curl yoke. You can easily attach the curl yoke to develop stronger lower body muscles. When you are ready, you detach it then switch gears to work out the legs.
– Rolled preacher pad- the preacher pad allows one to have proper exercise as you develop your biceps.

For cardio workouts, there is always an equipment to help you meet your body needs. When purchasing any of the cardio gym equipment, ensure it is from a reliable seller. The item must have an owner’s manual that gives explanatory descriptions of all the item parts. It needs to come with a guarantee too.

During selection, identify a color that suits you. For home equipment, there is need to purchase items that can fit well into the home. Gym equipments come in a variety of sizes, making it easier to get what you actually want. If possible, get the latest items that have heart rate monitors.

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Naomi Judd Plastic Surgery – Was It a Success?

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Someone once said that, ‘age is nothing but a number’. Well, indeed this is evidently translated in a number of ways. And as much as it is just but a number, aging cannot be reversed, or paused. Of course given a chance, many of us would rather we retain our teenage youthfulness as that is the time we seem to look our best.

But where on earth has that ever happened? Whether we like it or not, at the right time, old age has to set in. And if there is one thing people the world over share without a grudge, it is the aging process. With each passing second or minute, we all get older, never younger. In short, any time one takes a breath, you are a second older. However, many celebrities, especially of the female gender, do not wish to look older than a 20 year old. Even after clocking over 60 years, they still wish to look like teenagers.

Naomi Judd


Perhaps this is evident in Naomi Judd plastic surgery. At 67, she is adored by many fans as a winner in the movie industry. There are numerous awards that she has won. Apart from that, her children; Wynona and Ashley are celebrities as well. Wynona is a singer while Ashley is an actress.

Among her fans, she cuts herself as a fashion lady who dresses in very intriguing clads that turn heads whenever she passes. Her voice too is very electric. Her twang when she gives her judgment; is unmistakable. In fact, when one talks about fame, this lady comes into the picture. But just like famous women her age, she has not been spared the plastic surgeon’s knife. And anyway, why wouldn’t she want to look younger like all the other celebrities who fall in that category?

Contrary to others who deny an obvious fact, she admits she went through surgery when she was 61. When she turned 63, the very keen eyes of the public noticed yet more changes on her neck and face. Of course when you are a public figure, you have to expect the keen eyes of your fans to spot some changes that you thought were well camouflaged.

Evidently, she undergoes these procedures to look younger. That is without doubt. With age come wrinkles that many ladies wish away. Since wishes cannot generate the change they wish for, they look for a surgeon to take the unlikely features away from them.

In 2009, a TV show where she featured prominently showed there was a change on her face. Contrary to what people knew earlier, her sagging face now looked tighter and fuller; evidence of surgery. Around her neck, there was some sign of weight gain. The nose too, looked different; signs of a rhinoplasty or surgery. The weight gain around her neck was rumored to be as a result of the judge having gained some weight.

Either she had a neck surgery too or used fillers. Using Botox cannot be ruled out too. Well, just like all women who wish to stay younger even when age does not allow, Naomi Judd has to use whatever is available to be youthful and that is plastic surgery.

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Cydia Sources – Power House of Customization

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If you are a true iPhone lover then you would be well aware of cydia sources and tweaks. I will still explain these things for the people who are unaware of jailbreaking, unlocking and cydia.

Unlocking is a simple process which allows you to use your iPhone with any network operator without any restriction; whereas jailbreaking is a process which allows you to remove all the restrictions and limitations applied by the Apple Corporation for not letting the users change the administrative things. And cydia is a software market, which allows you to download different sort of apps which would not be available on official App Store due to certain restrictions, rules and regulations of Apple Corporation.

Cydia Sources


On top of it, Cydia also allows you to try different type of tweaks and utilities to let you use your iPhone according to your own likings and personalization. All these tweaks are downloaded through different sources; these sources are having a vast experience in their own category. For example, is commonly known for its remarkable app “installous” and ModMyi Repo is known for its own area of expertise of themes and customization.

Here we are discussing some of the best cydia sources of all the times, which can enhance your iPhone experience to a certain extent. The reason of this mentioning this source on top of the list is that it is the most commonly used source of all the times as people love to use Installous for downloading free apps, which might cost them a lot of money in case of installing the same apps from official App Store. There are some other tweaks associated with this source as well, but Installous is the most famous and important aspect of this source.

iPhoneCake Repo: It is also one of the most famous sources of all the times, because it allows you to download any sort of game without even paying a penny. So, it won’t be a wrong thing to say that this source brings a treat for the gamers as they can download even the most costly game on the official App Store for free by downloading it through iPhoneCake Repo. If you are one of those guys, who love to play games on their iPhones, then getting this source on your iPhone is the most important thing to do.

iModZone Repo: Now, it is the time to talk about personalization is of user interface, and they could be nothing better than this source as it allows you to try a different sort of tweaks and utilities for changing the user interface of your iPhone. On top of all these things, it also allows you to change the lock screen styles. That is why it is one of the best cydia sources of all the times for us, and we recommend it to the new users as well.

If you want to get any sort of information about tweaks and sources then you can have plenty of that by visiting this blog, which is one of the most infirmities site for iPhone sources, tweaks and jailbreaking.

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What Is the Best Diet Supplement for Weight Loss?

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Losing weight is a torturous affair to many people across the world. With so many advertisements of products promised to work miracles, it is difficult for a weight loser to get a reliable product that will achieve the desired results. Most of the products end up disappointing the loser get product after product that is not achieving any results, or have serious side effects. However, all hope is not lost as there are few natural supplements that actually work. Some of supplements known to work include Garcinia Cambogia, Acai berries and white kidney bean extract among others. Garcinia Cambogia comes highly recommended by scientists, nutritionists and even key media personalities such as Dr. Oz.

Why use Garcinia Cambogia?


Dr Oz Garcinia Cambogia HCA

Garcinia Cambogia is a naturally occurring supplement manufactured from a tree found in the Souht East Asia. The extract contains a key element that’s works with the body’s own mechanism to ensure a weight watcher gets the best results. Garcinia Cambogia is also reliable and safe as it has been used for many centuries by the Asian people for various purposes: as a food additive, antibacterial and for treatment of stomach problems including bloating. The active component is also highly concentrated to give fast results within a short time. Furthermore, Doctor OZ garcinia cambogia has little or no side effects on the user. However, if any medication is involved, the user must consult a physician before using any weight loss supplement.

How does the Garcinia Cambogia work?

This natural supplement works in two main ways, and two other minor ways. Mainly, Garcinia Cambogia extract increases the body’s mechanism and suppresses hunger. Increasing the metabolism means the body will break down more stored fats to generate energy. If the body remains at a constant state, this will lead to an automatic change in the amount of fat in the body thus weight loss.

Garcinia Cambogia also reduces hunger thus the weight watched ends up taking in less amounts of calories. Combined with its increase in metabolic rates, this will lead to spectacular levels of fat breakdown. Many people have lost 10 pounds in just eight weeks. Other mechanisms that the supplement works use hormones. It activates serotonin, the feel good hormone consequently reducing the stress hormones that suppress fat breakdown. This means that the body will be freer to break down its own fat leading to weight loss.

Will it cost you more when you use Garcinia Cambogia?

Surprisingly, pure garcinia cambogia Dr. Oz is one of the most cost effective supplements in the market. A good quality extract container costs about $60 give or take a few bucks. However, due to this products popularity, one should be careful of fake products in the market. Only buy the supplement from highly trusted stores or distributors.

All in all, Garcinia Cambogia is one of the best products in the market. It is quick acting and the weight watcher will see spectacular results within no time. It works even faster when combined with other methods such as exercising and proper feeding.

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Sharon Tay Plastic Surgery

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When you are in the limelight, there is pressure on you to always look and dress nice. Actresses, musicians and various other celebrities involved in showbiz put a lot of effort in their looks. For women especially, there is an even greater need to keep oneself looking amazing.

This is why for this group, plastic and cosmetic surgery becomes important. They may always deny having gone through these processes. However, by comparing their looks in the previous and current photos, one can indeed surmise that an individual had a procedure or two corrected in her appearance.

Sharon TaySharon Tay is a journalist who works in the US but migrated from Singapore. She has also been a host of two shows in the MSNBC network and for this reason, is pretty much a known figure. Born in the 60’s it is pretty obvious that with time, she must have felt as though her natural appeal was fading.

It is rumoured that she may have undergone plastic surgery procedures. Of course telling whether or not a celebrity had such medical processes done on them can be a little difficult because they do not readily admit. However, through photo comparisons and a keen eye, one can ascertain that Tay has some features rarely naturally possible.

Many sources say that the journalist may not have gone for the invasive surgery processes which alter in a big way the appearance of a person. It is quite obvious that she may have had Botox injections. Her face is smooth and has a youthful appeal which is not easily possible for one in her late or mid 40’s. Also, the lips of the celebrity have a marked lusciousness about them. It is rumoured that Sharon must had had fillers injected into this part of her body. She has a smile to die for because of this.

Unlike other celebrities who go for these injections and surgeries in their 20′s, Tay must have been nudged on by concerns about her age. Naya Rivera plastic surgery as evidenced by the appearance of her boobs is a case of a young actress seeking to spice up her looks.

In such situations, many people wonder what the motivation for going for these procedures must have been because the celebrities still have good looks.

Sharon Tay as well as Melissa Gilbert plastic surgery occasions is a representation of famous women who are aging but wish still to look pretty for the cameras. Tay’s case though, is slightly out of the ordinary; the typical female celebrity who goes for plastic surgery is an actress, model or musician and not a journalist. Nonetheless, journalists and news anchors also receive immense attention and it is only normal that some of them look for a cosmetic surgeon to keep up their good looks.

Of course cosmetic surgery procedures are open to almost all ages provided the candidate is in good health. Women like Elizabeth McGovern who are almost clocking 80 years and still looks fabulous. For women in their 40′s like Tay and Melissa, they still have a lot of time to stay in the limelight and plastic surgery is a welcome option.

It even gets better when a celebrity picks a good doctor who does not leave the new change very obvious to scrutiny. The good plastic surgery is that which people speculate about as it brings about change to the appearance of a person without giving much evidence. Of course some celebrities have had bad plastic surgeries but it is unlikely that Tay falls in this category.

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